5 SEO Checklist

We all want to rank higher in Google, so we have created 5 SEO checklist that outlines some of the important things you should do when starting a new website or performing an SEO audit.

Install Google Analytics

The first thing you need to do is to install Google Analytics. You will need this to basically measure key SEO metrics such as website traffic, revenue and conversions. If you decide to run any marketing activities such as social media ads or search ads, then your users will it some point in time visit your website somewhere along their journey. Given that your website is your main source of traffic, your website is the best way to give you a sense of the effectiveness of your campaigns that you are running to promote your product or service online. You can also use Ahrefs to measure keyword ranking and link building.

Use WordPress as Your CMS

Use WordPress. This is one of the best platforms for SEO and will save you a lot of time simply because it has the tools and features that you will need. WordPress has many options that will help to customize your site using plugins. One such plugin that is great for SEO is the Yoast SEO Plugin. Talking about making your life easier. You can use this plugin to do many of your technical and On-Page SEO best practices in one place. WordPress is recommended by most successful SEO experts, and as a result they are ahead of the competition.

Verify Your Site

Verify Your Site. It’s best practice to verify your site in Google Search Console. This is a free tool that will allow you to check how search engines view your site and create reports about indexing status, crawl errors, search queries and penalties. After verifying your site, it will not immediately be shown in the search results. Google will need time to process this request, which it will then crawl and index your page. When verifying your site with Google Search Console, you will come across a message that says apart of your URL is restricted by robots.txt. Do not be alarmed because this is normal. Google will not crawl these pages because they are for internal use only.

Improve Your Website Speed and Performance

Improve Website Performance and Speed. You can analyze your website with Google PageSpeed Insights. It reports on performance on both desktop and mobile and give suggestions on how you can improve on them. Aim to score 80+ and you can use several plugins to help speed up performance. W3 Total Cache will give you improvements in search engine results page rankings, especially for responsive websites and sites that use SSL. WP Smush will scan all the images you upload or if they were already added, and cuts the unnecessary data and scales it for you before adding it to your media library.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Finally, Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. This tool will allow you to carry out a mobile website test and tell a site’s score in terms of its responsiveness. The test score is a means of helping you to have an idea of whether or not your website is providing a good experience for your mobile users. Any successful web design should fall under the mobile friendly category and get good results in the mobile responsive test.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many SEO checklist that are out there. It is best practice to implement these checklist as much as possible. However, you can dive in even deeper and look at the many other checklist out there, like On Page SEO Checklist. I hope these 5 seo checklist gets you further along! You can also check our article on 10 Ways to improve your SEO Ranking.

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